Montag, 2. Juni 2014


Yes, I know, I've been a bad girl again! I haven't blogged for such a long time again. But to keep you up with my recent looks, I renewed my lookbook account. If you want to keep up with my styles please take a look there!

If you like my looks I would appreciate every single hype! Thank you in advance!

I'm also preparing a post about the hanami event in Ludwigshafen and post it when there is a bit of time between working. Next week is also the Dokomi in Düsseldorf and as every year I will help Takagi bookstore with their booth together with my best friend Heike. I promise to take pictures then!

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014


Actually it's a bit too late for this blogpost, since the concert was already some weeks ago. But nevertheless I want to brabble a bit about the heidi. concert before going on with the next posts who already wait to get released. Since I got some new circle lenses I want to perhaps review them and then this weekend I went to the hanami festival in Ludwigshafen which also will get its own entry. But now lets better start with my very belated entry about the heidi. concert.

I have to admit that I haven't been the huges heidi. fan around. 'Course I listened to some songs, but my interest in the band was like in 2008 and then the songs kinda got lost in my overflowing itunes. When the concert got released first I haven't even noticed it, but a good friend of mine, Sascha, asked me and Steffi if we would like to go. Remembering the band and their songs I was most likely willing to buy a ticket. I also asked my best friend, Heike, and she joined the crew as well. When the concert got closer we got also more exited, listening to the newer songs and expecting the event going to be hell of a party. And we were damn right!!

About a week before the concert my close friends and members of the great German rock band unSayn asked me if I would like to help them with hair and make-up at their live as supporting band. And who can imagine of which band they were supporting band? Yes, heidi.! With the girls playing in the beginning I got even more excited for the event.

So at the concert day for me everything started around lunchtime. Since it was a concert I couldn't resist, but to dress up like always though I overcame the temptation to wear highheels.

shirt: american apparel; skirt: h&m; necklace: tutuha; hat: primark; sunglasses: primark; boots: tally weijl
Yes, I am actually gyaru and I will always consider myself as one even though especially with coordinates like this I might not look like one. But I actualy don't understand all the hate about that Neogal thing going on. It's a bit off the topic in this post, so I will just explain myself briefly. In my oppinion fashion isn't a constant. Fashion always developes and gyaru wouldn't be a fashion type if it would look the same like in the beginning. I really do understand the points like: it's not gyaru when it's not flashy. But I really do think that it shouldn't look the same for years. A lot of gyaru style wouldn't even exist if the style haven't mixed with others in the years back or got influenced by other styles on earth. So I also think that Neogal can work. Though I also have to admit that the natural makeup doesn't always work. Especially for a western face, like I have, it wouldn't even differ from the non-gyaru styles. So in my oppinion keeping flashy gyaru make with lashes and lenses will always be a part of the makeup, though I also would get my coordinates considered as Neogal. In my oppinion it's not the overall flashy and typical appearance what makes you gyaru, it's more the attitude and all the small details.

But back to the main topic. I left at lunchtime to meet with Yel and Noé on the train so we could go to Cologne together and meet up with the other girls. It didn't take long to build up everything on stage and then soon it was time for the sound-check. Since we had some time between every point on our schedule I went out a lot of times to meet with my other friends. Marina, who also helped with styling, joined me outside.

people waiting
with my lovely Heike <3
and with beautiful Steffi

After reheasel we didn't have much time left until everyone entered the live house and the concert could start.

Unsayn really did a great job and heated up the audience with their songs. Even after that long time I know them, it never gets boring seeing them on stage. If you haven't listened to their music, it's definitely worth it! Inserted a link to their pv here!

After a short break to rebuild stage it was already time for heidi. Since I suck at taking pictures at concerts here are just a few and they aren't even good (thanks to my smartphone cam at this point XD). It's just to give you a little impression of the evening.

pic taken by a friend

The show and the band were hella awesome! I was dancing basically all of the time. Heidi. is definitely a band I would love to see again. Though I also have to admit that the band is better live than on CD but in my oppinion that also shows a better band. I mean music should go through your bones and make you dance all night and that's not possible on a CD with all the editing. I hope you understand what I mean with that brabbling.

After the concert and getting everything from the stage and back in our car, we also had time to take a picture with the band. I look super exhausted after the live, so please don't mind my look.

why am I so tall? XD I'm not even wearing heels
The evening was really great and I once again want to thank everyone who helped making it that awesome!! <3

Stay tuned my lovely readers; next entry will probably be about the Hanami festival !

(PS: the blogtitel is the first line out of heidi.s song Hello! and means "Hello! Hello! Where are you?")

Montag, 14. April 2014

where the lines overlap

Here I am again! I know it took some time for a new blogentry again, but life keeps me busy most of the time. Beside my job I also try to work out everyday at least one hour and try to keep my life a bit healthier. Well so far it works quite good beside the fact that I haven't lost any pounds yet. But for sure I will go on trying and sports are never a bad thing anyway.

But let's start with the main topic of this entry. Together with SteffiIna and Sui I went to the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf last Saturday. Unfortunately still in the mainstation we lost the group. Yup, that could only happen to us. I was doing Suis hairset, so we stood a bit apart of the others and when we looked up again everyone was gone. Well, we had a super funny day anyway.

Since we actually wanted to attend the Harajuku Fashion Walk everyone of us dressed up a bit more than usual to fit the theme. I went for a rokku-gyaru style since I always feel so comfortable in wearing rockish clothes.

still at home my hair was carefully aranged but my scarf destroyed it right when I left the building...

jacket: hellcatpunks; shirt: longclothing; necklace: tutuha; tights: pamelaman; boots: tally weijl; hat: ebay; socks: primark; rest of accesorize: zara, hellcatpunks, closetchild 

Since a few friends of Sui and Ina worked as maids on that day at a cafe in the Japanese district, we decided to take a look and get some coffee afterwards. But first we used the spot infront of the cafe to take some outfitpictures.

r to l: Sui, Ina, Steffi and me being all so gyaru xDDD

with Steffi and Sui <3

with my cute Steffi; the piercing suits her so well

with Sui; I'm so envy of her bright hair sometimes~
the cute maids 
just love Steffis expression; hope she's not mad at me for posting this

Steffi's look was rockish as well. She wore such a lovely glavil dress. I would love to get my fingers on one of these myself.

Ina was dressed as punk Lolita and and the all black coordinate suited her bright green hair so well. She later changed to a more comfortable coordinate without the petticoat and the long skirt.

And last but not least Suis cult party kei insipred look. She really looked like a fairy that day.

On Thursday I will attend the heidi concert in Cologne, Unsayn will be supporting act, so I'm going to help the girls to get ready for stage. Maybe I also find time to take some pictures that day and I'll be able to write a blog entry about that day.